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Do you have an old vehicle that needs to be scraped? Then get in contact with today, the scrap metal experts.

Scrap Metal specialise in the safe and managed disposal of your vehicles. We collect cars all across Dublin, or you can bring them to our facility in Dublin. We hold all the necessary licenses and required permits to carry out our work. We collect all types of vehicles, including cars and light commercials. As well as collecting cars, we also collect other types of metal for scrap.

Commercial Skip Hire

At, we can also provide your business with a skip if you have a large amount of metal to be collected. Please note that these skips are for metal only, not general waste. Our skips come in any size, from an 1100 litre bin, right up to a 40 yard cubic skip.
To order a skip for your business, call us today!

What we collect

Cars / Light Commercials

We collect all types of cars, which can be taken apart and disposed of correctly.

Old Farm Machinery can collect all types of old farm machinery, or you may bring them directly to our facility.

We also collect



Stainless Steel






Lead Batteries

End of Life Vehicles

We are licensed to carry out all work and issue Destruction Certs.

For Scrap Metal Contact:

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