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To have your end of life vehicle disposed of the easy way, get in touch with today.

End of Life Vehicle

Here at St. Margarets Recycling & Transfer Centre Ltd we provide a Vehicle Scraping & Recycling programme for car owners to dispose of their old End of Life Vehicle. A disposed of vehicle will be immediately processed. And owners will be issued with a Certificate of Destruction.

As per the Waste Management (End of Life Vehicles) Regulations 2006 St. Margarets Recycling & Transfer Centre Ltd have been granted Waste Facility Permit FG-13-0002-03 for ELV`s in respect of our premises here in St. Margarets, Co. Dublin (at the back of Dublin Airport) Authorised Treatment Facility #178

We hold a valid Waste Collection Permit from the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO) NWCPO-19-12221-01 which authorises St. Margarets Recycling & Transfer Centre to collect waste (End of Life Vehicles) within the Local Authority areas of Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council, South Dublin and Dun Laoghaire / Rathdown County Council, Meath & Louth areas.

What exactly is an end-of-life vehicle?

An end-of-life is a specified vehicle which is discarded or is to be discarded by its registered owner as waste. Vehicles normally reach the end of their useful lives, either due to age (typically around 12-14 years), or because of heavy damage following an accident. There is no fixed age, therefore, at which a vehicle can be considered an end-of-life vehicle

What Services do we provide?

An operator of an end-of-life vehicle treatment facility we will:

Issue the registered owner with a certificate of destruction

Ensure the facility is operated under an appropriate waste licence or permit

Meet the minimum technical requirements for the storage, treatment and recovery of end-of-life vehicles and the storage of components containing fluids, spare parts, etc.

Keep records of end-of-life vehicle materials for reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal and report these records to local authorities annually. (AER – Annual Environmental Report)

Depositing an End of Life Vehicle

An end-of-life vehicle must be deposited at an authorised treatment facility. Each vehicle manufacturer or importer is required to have a national collection system in place made up of at least one such treatment facility in every city and council area. These facilities provide a free take-back service for vehicles of that producer’s brand. There may also be an independent facility in your area that will accept your end-of-life vehicle.

If an end-of-life vehicle is deposited at an unauthorised facility, the owner will not receive a certificate of destruction and may remain recorded as registered owner of the vehicle on the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport’s National Vehicle File.

You can read more about End of Life Vehicles here:

Get in contact with us today to learn more about our regulated end of life vehicle scrappage system.

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